This apostolic letter begins differently than most of Paul’s other letters. He focuses on servant-hood (humility) to the Lord and [all] others; which he does with thanksgiving (joy) in spite of his circumstances (imprisonment in Rome). It is interesting to note, Paul addresses this letter to “all the saints”, and then to the deacons and overseers. Placing EVERY follower of Christ in the same role – Which is to further the Kingdom of God, regardless of their position, place, or circumstance.  

This study is entitled: Experiencing Philippians, and is intended to help us to keep our focus on God. Not shifting our focus from Him, to the situations which arise in our lives. No matter how dire the circumstances may appear. We must keep our eyes on Christ, fulfilling the plans and purpose He has for our lives, and living in such a way that others can see Him working in and through us. Find the joy in Experiencing Philippians with us!